About ServerStack

Proudly built in Silicon Alley.
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Our Philosophy

We started ServerStack because we believe fully managed hosting should be provided by technology partners, not vendors. To us, a technology partner is someone who is equally invested in your success. That’s why we provide the highest level of managed service from our server experts, allowing our customers to focus on what they do best – running their business.

Company Overview

Since our beginnings in New York City we have expanded to three data centers, two locations in the United States (Northern New Jersey and San Jose, CA), and in Europe (Amsterdam, NL). We've expanded our services portfolio based on our customer needs, launching Managed Storage, Load Balancing, and most recently deploying our CDN in partnership with LimeLight Networks. We believe that remaining flexible is a key virtue in the ever changing IT services field, and we are excited to see where our customers' passions will lead us next.