Managed Wowza Media Server Hosting

We offer the best price for bandwidth and scalable servers used to run Wowza Media Server 3,
the most robust and advanced live and on-demand streaming solution.

We setup & fully configure Wowza servers.

Wowza Media Server 3 is a powerful multi-threaded live media streaming software solution that can deliver up to 10Gbps from a single server or easily scale up to multi-server load balanced networks.

Wowza Hosting Features
Wowza Hosting Highlights
  • Wowza Media Server streams live video and audio perfectly to any Flash client, Android, or Apple device (any 3gpp client), with some versions of Wowza Media Server now able to stream H.264/AAC in HD.
  • Wowza is easy to use, feature rich, and the software license is available on a daily, monthly or perpetual basis.
  • Runs on Linux or Windows Servers (we recommend Linux for stability, security and performance).
Performance stats of our largest Wowza installation.

100,000+ Concurrent users. 135 TB/day Total traffic delivered by Wowza. 100+ Globally distributed servers.
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